At D & R Incorporated we value family, which is why we take great pride in helping hundreds of people look after theirs.

    D & R Incorporated is a consulting, Debt management and Administration practice. Our aim is to provide debt relief to private and corporate employee’s, particularly with regards to financial rehabilitation.

    We want you to wake up feeling positive about your life and looking forward to the future knowing that your financial obligations are under control.


    We provide a full Debt Counselling session – FREE of charge.

    This will give you the ability to face life and your bad debt with dignity and pride, as Administration or Debt Review serves as a Financial Rehabilitation Programme.

    Pay one smaller, more convenient instalment for all your debt.

    We place our clients under Administration or Debt Review, which is overseen by a Magistrate, through the respective courts. This enables us to consolidate ALL your bad debt, which INCREASES your NETT PAY and gives you PEACE OF MIND that all your financial obligations are taken care of.

    Feeling annoyed, intimidated and overwhelmed with the constant calls asking for money you don’t have?

    As it is a court order, we can END ALL CREDITOR HARASSMENT at work and at home. No need to skip work, avoid going home or even answering your phone due to the fear of being confronted by a creditor or loan shark.

    We provide LEGAL PROTECTION against all other Civil Legal Actions.

    Have you been blacklisted? Has your account been handed over to lawyers or debt collectors? As an Admin Order is a court order, it gives you legal protection from your creditors against any other legal actions.


  • Events

    Posted on Thursday November 06, 2014

    PMB Marketing Team will be rocking it out at Howick Pick N Pay in town from 10am - 2pm on 6th of November 2014. Please feel free to join us for FREE CONSULTATIONS and goodies to be won. Pay 1 installment for ALL YOUR DEBT, receive LEGAL PROTECTION, have garnishees removed and get your FINANCIAL FREEDOM back today!

    Posted on Thursday November 06, 2014

    PMB Marketing Team will be making a return to the beautiful Edendale Mall in Pick N Pay Court on 5th November 2014. Please join us for an awesome day with goodies to be won, FREE consultations provided for those wanting to lead a DEBT FREE life TODAY! See you there between 9am - 3pm

    Posted on Tuesday September 16, 2014

    D & R will be at our usual spot in the Spar court at Hammarsdale Junction on the 17th September from 9am - 3pm, we look forward to seeing some new and familiar faces :-)

    Posted on Tuesday September 16, 2014

    D & R PMB Marketing Team will be heading to a new location in Richmond on the 16th September 2014. We will be based at the very busy Boxer from around 10am - 2pm. FREE Consultations will be provided on how you can change your life around by becoming DEBT FREE, by taking home more money and getting LEGAL PROTECTION :-)

    Posted on Thursday September 04, 2014

    Durban Marketing Team will be re-visiting the beautiful Workshop Centre in Durban on Wednesday the 10th of September 2014 from 9am - 3pm. Please join us in the Pick N Pay court for FREE consultations on how to become DEBT FREE, receive LEGAL PROTECTION against all further legal actions and remove existing garnishees from your payslip. Goodies to be won for those who participate! See you there

    Posted on Tuesday August 26, 2014

    D & R is in the Kokstad for the week and will be making a turn to Shoprite Centre in Kokstad. There is a new exhibition platform at the Hope Street entrance that we are so excited in breaking in! We look forward to see everyone there between 10am - 2pm ;-)

  • Enquiries

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    Pietermaritzburg: 35 Henrietta Street, Tel: 033 342 6491(Head Office)
    Durban: 348 West Street, Salisbury Centre, Room 106, Tel: 031 304 7205
    Kokstad: Office 3A, 74 Hope Street, Tel: 039 727 5372


    Our aim is to provide debt relief to private and corporate employee’s, particularly with regards to financial rehabilitation. The infrastructure, systems and software developed by D & R Incorporated, positions the company as a revolutionary corporate gateway to debt relief. Utilising an established network of associates and offices, we have emerged as market leaders in this particular field of Administrators.

    Our mission is to help both private and government employee’s to break free from debt. In order to accomplish this quickly and efficiently, we have specialised our services to provide these
    sectors with immediate and practical relief. We take great pride in helping families turn around their financial situations and to get a fresh start that everyone deserves as it is easier to fall into
    debt than it is to recover from.

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